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The Department of Information and Knowledge Management
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Room 506

Seminar- Peter Bak , IBM Haifa Research Lab

Visual Analytics of Movement
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - 12:00

The Department of Information and Knowledge Management
Visual Analytics of Movement
Peter Bak ,PhD
IBM Haifa Research Lab

Many important planning decisions in society and business depend on proper knowledge and a correct understanding of movement, be it in transportation, logistics, biology, or the life sciences. Today the widespread use of mobile phones and technologies like GPS and RFID provides an immense amount of data on location and movement. What is needed are new methods of visualization and algorithmic data analysis that are tightly integrated and complement each other to allow end-users and analysts to extract useful knowledge from these extremely large data volumes. This is exactly the topic of this presentation. As I show, modern visual analytics techniques are ready to tackle the enormous challenges brought about by movement data, and the technology and software needed to exploit them are available today.