Co-creation of Knowledge in Technology-Enhanced Communities of Learning

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University of Haifa

LINKS First Annual Retreat

"Creating LINKS"
Sunday, October 13, 2013 - 10:00 to Monday, October 14, 2013 - 19:00

It is with great excitement and joy that we invite you to take part in the first LINKS Annual Retreat , which takes place on Sunday and Monday , 13-14/10/13 .

Our academic and professional assumption is that the promotion and the understanding of learning in the knowledge age will derive from strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between different fields of knowledge rather than research in a single disciplinary . In this context , we wish to aspire to the session, where we will listen to different points of view and contribute to them - in order to : ( a) think about the issues we are facing from an interdisciplinary approach , (b ) try to build new integrated  knowledge and (c ) strengthen the foundation for our continued work together at LINKS.

We are aware of the size of the challenge and time: the exposure to new knowledge areas and to new languages ​​is not simple at all and puts us all on unfamiliar ground . We are confident that all of you will answer this mission willingly!

The main objectives we set ourselves at the conference are:

  1. Creation of a fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue around central issues regarding LINKS  in order to build the basis for our cooperation.
  2. Extension of the Links Community ( Principal Investigator , PhD. and research students ) through the active participation of all members of the community and through the strengthening of academic and professional connections.
  3. Increment our sense of belonging and involvement at LINKS.

We want to thank you for the responsiveness to the exciting challenge of preparing our first conference: the challenge of creating a common language between us - "LINKS  Language" . Hope the conference will be fruitful and we will have interesting collaborations between all participants and create a learning community that will become the core of the Center's research over the years.

Good luck to us all !
Members of the conference program committee:
Yotam Hod , Oranit Sagy , Orit Ben Harush, Adi Kidron , Amit Shejter , Danny Ben-Zvi , and Debbie Huck.