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בית דניאל, זכרון יעקב

The Fifth International LINKS I-Core Conference

Looking Forward after Five Years of LINKS Research
February 19, 20 and 22, 2018

The LINKS Israel Center or Research Excellence is celebrating it's culminating fith year of research at Beit Daniel , in Zichron Yaacov, together with international and very well known guests: 

Prof. Christopher Hoadley - Steinhart, NYU

Prof. Clark Chinn - Rutgers, NJ

Prof. Lynn Schoefield - University of Denver, Colorado

During the event, the LINKS I-Core book will be presented, after the synergetic approach of the center's researchers, who had been contribuiting to its elaboration during the past 8 months. The book is planned to be published by April 2018 through Springer, as part ot a Series called: 

 "Computer Supported Collaborative Learning" 

During the Conference, the work projects of our students, doctorates and post doctorates will be presented in a poster-demo session, including the most recent projects at LINKS and those which are still being developed alongside other academic shared research. 

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